Guidelines for Lockdown 3.0 : Permitted activities in Red, Orange and Green zones.

Government of India on May 1st announced the extension of lock down country wide to control the spread of COVID-19 by two additional weeks. The announcement comes on just two days before the finish of lockdown 2.0. The lockdown 3.0 will be till May 17th 2020.

The Minister of Home Affairs has allowed few relaxations and provided certain guidelines to manage economic activity in green, orange, and red zones – depending upon the cases reported in recent weeks.

Orange Zones

The Ministry of Home Affairs has permitted the functioning of cabs and taxi aggregators, but just a single traveler will be permitted at once. For the moment, the inter-district movement of vehicles will be allowed only for “permitted activities”. In all four-wheelers and two wheelers other than the driver will be permitted and pillions will be permitted on bikes.

Green Zone

All the operations apart from the ones barring all through the nation will be permitted. Buses will be permitted to work with up to 50 percent seating limit and depots should function with up to 50 percent capacity.

Red Zones

Outside the containment zones, few operations are barred notwithstanding those denied all through the nation. These are: Plying of cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws; running of taxis and aggregators; intra-district and inter-district plying of buses; spas and saloons.

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